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Your Next Step into the Powerful, Practical Life Tools of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico

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Our practitioners choose to become certified…

Whether your intention is to pursue a path of helping others, desiring deeper access to the magic of the powerful principles, teachings and tools of the lineage of Carlos Castaneda, or as a vehicle for a deeper exploration into this ancient, life-enhancing work, this is your path.

Certification is your next step when you decide it’s time to progress from consumer of Tensegrity® to using it to lead yourself and others from the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

For some, it is the next step into their Tensegrity® journey, choosing to expand their personal growth path within their community of like-hearted fellow travelers. They understand that the best way of learning anything is through the experience of teaching it to others.

For others, the intention is to help airlift themselves and others from the mundane into the extraordinary … and the Official Tensegrity® Certification program, created and led by direct apprentices of Carlos Castaneda and his cohorts, along with select certified practitioners, provides the most authentic and effective path in your becoming part of the magic. 


Become Part of the Magic

Finding Your Path

Why Our Practitioners choose to Become Certified Facilitators


Be Instructed by Direct Apprentices of Carlos Castaneda

Expand your Awareness

Build Your Self Confidence

Trust your Power and your Path

Explore and Deepen Your Tensegrity® Experience

Personal Growth and Development

Stretch Within a Like-Hearted Community

Extend Perception Beyond Yourself

Become an Active Part of the Carlos Castaneda Lineage

Source of Magic

What we need to do to allow magic to get hold of us is to banish doubts from our minds. Once doubts are banished, anything is possible.

Carlos Castaneda was not a four-pronged nagual; instead of the usual four energy compartments, he had three. Don Juan interpreted this as Carlos being the last nagual.

Carlos took this to heart, while not wanting to leave this world without disseminating this great work. He and his cohorts — Carol Tiggs, Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner-Grau — pulled together what they were individually taught, succeeding in taking it out of their ritualistic and secretive origins, transforming it into generic, modernized versions capable of being utilized by anyone. Castaneda called this new form; Tensegrity®.

No longer would there be small warrior parties led by a single nagual. In their place would be the widespread dissemination of tools so that everyone could have what’s necessary to lead themselves — to be their own nagual.

Through the Official Tensegrity® Certification program, you will have access to principles, teachings and tools, being taught to you through direct apprentices of Carlos Castaneda and his cohorts, providing a connection and experience far greater than can be conveyed through the books alone. You will join your cohorts on a modern day apprenticeship path.

“To every one of the practitioners of Tensegrity,
who by rallying their forces around it
have put me in touch with energetic formulations
that were never available to
don Juan Matus or the shamans of his lineage.”

— Carlos Castaneda; Magical Passes


Tensegrity® Level I Certification Navigating Past Fear

Your journey begins here! In Level I you will begin the process of building Self-Awareness by identifying, acknowledging and releasing fear and your inner dialogue, through the learning and teaching of basic Tensegrity® courses.

You will begin navigating past your fear, building confidence as you start distinguishing between self and source for yourself and those you teach.


Tensegrity® Level II Certification Navigating Past Clarity

Your journey continues now to include others! In Level I, you began to see yourself in a non-judgmental way. Now in Level II, you will begin to view your patterns and filters as they are shaped by your relations with others.

Navigating Past the enemy of Clarity – the surety of how you perceive your world – you become capable of entering different realities.


Tensegrity® Level III Certification Navigating Past Power

In Level III, you will begin the process of making dreams useful. First you will learn how to remember, be conscious in and receive information from your dreams. Then, you will learn how to dream others … who they really are and what they desire.

With that new understanding, you will learn and create a custom series of programs with the intention of assisting your audience with their dreams, knowing that POWER is measured in terms of THEIR success … not your efforts.


Tensegrity® Level IV Certification Impeccability & Leadership

“A Leader is revealed through their actions”
— Florinda Donner-Grau

In Level IV, you will undergo an 18 – 24 month journey which begins with advanced recapitulation. The hallmark of an effective leader is emptiness of ego … lack of taking things personally … letting go of “I know” and moving into “I explore.”  With this newly acquired sobriety, you will be able to lead yourself first, embodying that which you will model for others.

Using modernized versions of many of the same techniques and principles employed by Carlos Castaneda with his apprentices, this path will help forge you into a Modern Day Tensegrity® Leader.

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