Powerful, Practical Life Tools from the Shamans of Ancient Mexico

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Many people talk about creating a vision for and living an extraordinary life …

People yearn to tap into the magic, to live a phenomenal life. They want to create a vision for themselves and bring what they envision into reality. And yet … few actually succeed.

You’ve been told that “everything you need is inside of you.” You meditate, create vision boards, chant mantras, affirmations, hold onto tokens and sacred objects, which is great. Yet for some reason, these tools don’t seem to fully deliver on their promise.

If you’re not getting the results you truly desire it is because you’re using weak, diluted and derivative tools. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, yet the further away you are from the source of the tools … the weaker they are.

The weaker the tools … the poorer the results. It’s time to get Back to the Source.

The Source for a Magical Life

Tensegrity® was developed by Carlos Castaneda and his cohorts, Carol Tiggs, Taisha Abelar and Florinda Donner-Grau. Castaneda, an anthropologist and shaman, met his shaman-teacher, don Juan Matus, who taught him everything he knew about energy – how to cultivate it within ourselves, and how to move on it to different realities.

Beginning with his revolutionary first book, The Teachings of Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda has been on a journey of bringing this shamanic lineage of powerful, practical principles, teachings and tools to help you live an extraordinary life.

Magical Passes®

You already do have everything you need inside of you, it’s just that you haven’t been trained to touch your inner power and energy and allow it to guide you in your life.

Through the practice of an induced condition very much like deep meditation, which those shamans called dreaming, they entered into states of enhanced awareness. In such states they discovered that the body can experience physical and mental balance, and well-being, when specific physical movements are performed.

Throughout the centuries, these magical passes were shrouded in secrecy and were only taught from generation to generation to fit the individual physical makeup of each practitioner.

After many years of intentional efforts, Carlos Castaneda and his cohorts have succeeded in taking the Magical Passes® out of their ritualistic and secretive origin and surroundings, transforming them into revised sets of movement capable of being utilized by anyone.

Live Experiences

Machu Picchu: Doorway into the Unknowable

Peru — October 26 – November 4, 2019

A 10-Day All-inclusive Deep Exploration into a Dimensional Portal of Inca Shamanism

The Many Faces of Confidence

Each one of us has our own form, flow, stride … Personal Power that connects us to intent. In this workshop, you will begin by letting go of the lies you tell yourself. Then, free of those false faces of confidence, you will discover YOUR unique Face of Personal Power. 

ALL NEW Core Castaneda Workshop

A Powerful, Practical 3 day Workshop to help you expand past the obstacles keeping you from the Life of Your Dreams. 

Life is not meant to be Static

It is a discovery, unfolding … never-ending journey …

A Non-Ordinary Reality

Whenever the internal dialogue stops, the world collapses, and extraordinary facets of ourselves surface, as though they had been kept heavily guarded by our words.

There is much more to the world than we usually acknowledge. We are taught, from an early age, how to see and understand it. The trick of this socialization is to convince us that the descriptions we agree upon define the limits of the real world. What we call reality is only one way of seeing, a way that is supported by a social consensus.

Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity® helps you ACTIVELY turn off that internal dialogue. It lets your body become an amazing receptor of an intelligent force much bigger than yourself … and puts you into a state of ‘ready-alertness’ – silent, yet alert and ready for what’s next … for your extraordinary life.

“Human beings are perceivers, but the world that they perceive is an illusion: an illusion created by the description that was told to them from the moment they were born.”

— Carlos Castaneda

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