Ignite The Fire Within

Old Town Pasadena, California — July 26 – 29, 2018
An Exclusive 4 Day Woman’s Intensive
Specifically Designed for Successful Women
to help you regain the Fire and Passion of your youth
without risking all that you have gained by
Awakening Your Inner Nagual … YOUR Inner Shaman.
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When You Were Younger …

You had it all figured out. Life was fun. You were fun, light, energetic, and easy to love. You had a zest and passion for life.

You sought so many things that the world lay at your feet. Doors opened easily. Nothing held you back. You were on fire!

Then You Made Decisions…

You fell in love and chose a partner. You picked a career and climbed the company ladder. You started a family, made a home. You acquired what you longed for. You were successful and it felt wonderful.

Your fire burned brightly and warm!

And Then Something Changed…

Slowly at first, and then faster and faster until like a train speeding downhill, it couldn’t stop. Your marriage didn’t turn out as expected. Your career brought more worries than respect.

You started to doubt and question … all you’ve earned as well as yourself. Sleep has become less and less, and at night you lay awake wondering: “Where did I go wrong!” Your fire seems running out.

You’ve Looked For Answers… listened to mentors. You’ve tried seminars and self-help books. You’ve confided in friends and women who are as lost as yourself. You’ve listened to people who seem, or are supposed to have it all together… But somehow they just are not singing your song!

The truth of all of this is … nobody can sing your song but you. Nobody can re-light, rekindle your fire but yourself.

It’s TIME To Ignite The Fire Within!

Consider this:  you’re no longer a naïve girl. You’re a woman with wisdom, experience, and expertise. Your fire may have been dimmed, but it’s not gone. It remains hidden, inside of you, smoldering beneath a heap of old promises and compromises that right now are so very difficult to keep.

In the company of women like yourself, you will finally be able to:

Release the pain of accumulated mistakes

Free yourself from the entanglement of prior decisions

Release the resentments of past compromises

Recognize, access, engage, and use YOUR accumulated wisdom

Step into the beautiful, powerful and unique woman You Are TODAY

Discover What’s Next – re-dream your life … 

Create Strategies and Tools that are uniquely suited to YOU …

It’s Time To Awaken YOUR Inner Shaman … YOUR Inner Nagual

You’re not getting younger and you know the more you delay the more you stand to lose!

Each moment, each day you remain where you are, you get further and further away from what’s important, what’s real for you!

You’re not alone. This is the #1 crisis women face today!

Ignite The Fire Within — July 26 – 29, 2018

Times are Approximate

Thursday 2:00 to 10 pm — Ignite Fire Day

Imagine your fire roaring again. Who would you be and what would you accomplish? Your fire has been smoldering beneath a pile of old promises, compromises and complaints. Release them. Turn them into fuel. Overcome what holds you back. Voice what you stand for. Stand for who you are now. Once you taste your fire again, you’ll not go back.

Friday 10 to 10 pm — Stoke Fire Day

Remember your younger fire. Rewrite the compromises you made between then and now. Learn an ancient technique for recycling energy. Free yourself from diminishing memories and useless habits. Recapture the energy you once had. Carry your youthful fire forward to now.

Saturday 10 to 10 pm — Apply Fire Day

Now that you’ve kindled your fire, revamped what’s been smothering it, and learned how to keep it going, open yourself to the power of your unconscious mind. Your unconscious is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious self. Turn it on. Tap into it. With it, reshape the desires you want for yourself and your future today.

Sunday 10 to 2 pm — Express Fire Day

Hide your fire no longer. Today is the day to let it out. There’s nothing more powerful than dressing your fire. Rummage through an upscale boutique. Dress what supports the new you. Suit up in a new way. Walk the catwalk of your future. Create an exterior that reflects your inner flame.

Meet Your Guide and Instructor


Apprentice of Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner-Grau, Taisha Abelar & Carol Tiggs – Students of Don Juan

A Tensegrity® Facilitator and Instructor, and Creative Co-Director at Cleargreen, the company formed by Carlos Castaneda to disseminate the practical aspects of his work, Renata is a member of the original team of Tensegrity® leaders, who, under the direction of the students of don Juan, helped to formulate the modernization of the Magical Passes® and other Tensegrity® practices. She has been leading Tensegrity® workshops and tours worldwide for over twenty-three years.

She holds a Master of Arts degree in English Literature, from California State University at Northridge, where she taught Composition and wrote her Master’s Thesis on the work of Native American author Louise Erdrich. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from UCLA, where she worked with Professor Emeritus Lissy Jarvik, and co-authored a paper with Steven S. Matsuyama, Ph.D. She was a student in the Arica School of Oscar Ichazo, studying enneagram personality types.

Ignite the Fire Within

Old Town Pasadena, California — July 26 – 29, 2018

An Exclusive 4 Day Woman’s Intensive To Awaken Your Inner Shaman

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